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MFN 66

Origin of the Bill : ENGLAND

Size of the artwork : 14,3x7,5 cm



Los Angeles – Born in 1968

For more than a decade, Thierry Guetta, under his moniker, Mr. BRAINWASH, has been pushing the envelope of contemporary art. The orchestrated collision of street art and pop art has been his balancing act. The tipping point for him was his groundbreaking footage from the widely-acclaimed documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

He uses elements from pop art’s past and the raw components of his street art beginnings to create larger-than-life exhibitions and collaborations. While undertaking worldwide solo exhibitions and residency at Art Basel each year, Mr. Brainwash creates opportunities to engage the public in the world of art. To that end, he has traveled across the globe for speaking engagements and seminars including addresses at UCLA, Columbia University and Semi Permanent, Australia’s largest creative conference.

His passion extends his commitment to giving back to the community. He continues to donate artwork for different causes.

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